Raccoons Are Digging Up My Lawn

Raccoons Are Digging Up My Lawn

Raccoons are especially active late summer, early winter.

Towards the end of summer, mom raccoons and their babies are traveling together she shows them where and how to forage. In a few weeks the families will disperse and the raccoon population in your area will decrease.

For the raccoon family, an over watered lawn is the perfect place for mom to begin teaching the babies to look for one of their favorite meals, big fat grubs, thriving just under the surface of the saturated turf.

Fortunately, there are safe and humane ways to discourage raccoons from digging up your lawn.

Check and Change Your Watering Schedule

Switch from watering in the evening to watering in the morning. This will allow the soil to drain before evening when raccoons are out foraging. Water less often to avoid saturating the ground under the lawn.

Beneficial Nematode Organic Pest Control

When used correctly, beneficial nematodes are an organic form of pest control that can help reduce the number of grubs under the lawn. These microscopic organisms live in the garden soil and consume garden pests such as the grubs that attract raccoons.

Ammonia Stations To Discourage Raccoons

The smell of household ammonia, strategically set out in ‘Ammonia Stations’ will discourage Raccoons from digging up your yard. Ammonia stations are made by soaking rags in ammonia and placing them in metal containers such as baking trays, old coffee cans etc., so the ammonia won’t leak out into the ground. WildCare Solutions will be glad to talk to you on the phone about making and placing the stations.

Cayenne Pepper To Help Protect Your Garden

People in Marin have given us good feedback regarding the use of cayenne pepper as a raccoon deterrent. Used along with the ammonia stations, generous applications of cayenne pepper can help you to make your garden a place raccoon moms won’t want to bring the ‘kids’.

Go Native With Drought Resistant Plants!

Think about switching from a green lawn to a more sustainable ecosystem that doesn’t require as much water. Without the over-saturation that a lush green lawn requires, you’ll conserve water, foster co-existence and save yourself from the frustrations of raccoons just being raccoons

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