What To Do About Coyotes In Marin

What To Do About Coyotes In Marin

Recently there have been quite a few calls to WildCare about Coyotes. Coyote sightings have been reported throughout Marin and in the surrounding counties of Napa, Sonoma, as well as south of San Francisco. Just about anywhere close to open spaces.

Don't feed coyotes
Photo by Alyson Hurt

Coyotes in the Neighborhood Checklist

Clean up your bird feeders and stop feeding the birds everyday. Birds do not thrive on seed diets and the seed that falls to the ground increases the rat population. Coyotes hunt rats. If you are feeding the rats, you are feeding the coyotes.

Are any of your neighbors feeding the deer? Or feral cats? There is a connection here. Supplemental wildlife feeding can cause explosions in wildlife populations, like rats. If you know of anyone who is doing this, ask them to call us at WildCare. We’ll be glad to help with advice on helping wild animals to break the free-food habit.
– Stop feeding your pets outside, or leaving food outside for them while you are away. Chances are you are also feeding rats, which in turn is feeding the coyotes.

Are your cats safe inside? House cats are not native and they are having a truly devastating impact on our song bird population. Letting your pet roam free outside puts that animal at risk; at risk from cars, at risk from any predator, including people. Most of us were drawn to Marin because we love nature and we want to live in harmony with our environment. Killing off wildlife because it is inconvenient is no longer an option. Living well with wildlife is.

Call WildCare Bay Area for more information (415) 453-1000. WildCare can provide answers to your questions about Marin wildlife. We have people assigned to answer the phones 9am to 5pm every day of the week. We also have printed literature we will be glad to share with you covering everything from coyote-proofing your property to the courting habits of skunks. Call today.

Living Well With Wildlife
Barbara Pritchard